Waves of Worship (WOW)

Waves of Worship (WOW) is the last piece of the three-fold research case on relations between New religious movements and nationalism.
This lecture performance is evolving around a comparative study that Smiljanić  is conveying between Internet-based, UFO religious movement called Cosmic People, and Flag Nation Society, a Christian community that is expressing their believes through flag worshiping practice.
In order to propose a new collective dance practice which fortifies Cosmic People’s community and leads it towards the Digital Social Revolution, the artist is subverting the orthodox flag worshiping vocabulary, and presenting the New Alphabet for Digital Proletariat.





Through the series of questions, certain mechanisms of contemporary socio-political patterns are being brought up to the surface with the intention to rethink their normative gestures.





In Waves of Worship (WOW), Vanja Smiljanić is once again taking the position of a Minister of Cosmic People for the countries of Ex-Yugoslavia, Portugal and former Portuguese colonies, and from this standpoint she is shifting between a clairvoyant vision of a dystopian future, where Cosmic People are in a cyber war against their primordial enemies – Saurians, and preset time where she is a hardware developer, building a defence system against hacking attacks.
During this lecture performance she introduces different tools, flags and strategies to create noise, encrypt the digital data, claim the space of the web, as well as reflect about the processes of individualisation inside of the cyber space.




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(excerpt of the performance)
36. Drodesera Performance Festival,  Dro (I), 2016



(excerpt of the performance)
36. Drodesera Performance Festival,  Dro (I), 2016


Concept: Vanja Smiljanić
Performed by: Vanja Smiljanić
In collaboration with: Waves of Worship Flag Ministry, Flag Nation Society, Cosmic People
Choreography: Reut Shemesh
Dramaturgy: Pierre Rubio
Light design: Fabio Sajiz
Instrument production: Vanja Smiljanić, Morsdorfer India Ltd.
Production: Vanja Smiljanić, Centrale Fies (IT), KHM Cologne (D).