The Council of Nine (lights)

The Council of Nine (lights) is a walking performance which exercises and tunes ones audio and voice frequencies, with a target to establish direct communication with Cosmic People. The narrative structure of the walk and the simplicity of its destination, place a question: How short can you walk and how far can you go?
Independent yet synchronised participants are encouraged to use the Corner Reflector 500 as a guiding tool, which will facilitate the unfolding of different layers of the terrain and equalize frequencies needed for the communication.





(excerpt from the script)
‘A corner reflector is a passive device.
It has three highly reflective planes, which are perpendicular to each other.
A special feature of a corner reflector is that it is retro-directive; that means that a ray, which falls onto one of the planes, is reflected three times and then shiped back, under the same angle, to its radiation source.
They are used in various fields.
In physics, geology,  geography, cartography, for mapping of vast uninhabited spaces such as snow and sand deserts, for measurment of tectonic movements, and also in 1969 one corner reflector was mounted on the Moon and that helped to determine the exact distance between Moon and Earth.’




(excerpt from the script)
‘For the last 1,5 years, I’ve been developing this process with the german minister of Cosmic People which I will call here Max Mustermann.
Two of us have a mutual minister vision and it is to give a voice to the people. With the choreography which we are proposing, we want to raise consciousness that everyone is able to communicate with Ashtar Sheran, and in that way cut the mediators of the messages.
For that one needs to learn a special language.
We propose a walk which will take us exactly 7 minutes, with the remark that there will be a pause in the middle and where we going to listen one particular composition for 3:20sec.’











(excerpt from the script)
‘By doing this choreography together we are creating a special frequency which will open our perception and start practicing our ears and our throat for the communication with Ashtar Sheran.
We will take one part of the Corner Reflector 500 and put it in the front of our line and the other in the back.
Produced frequencies will first be reflected three times in the front corner reflector and then projected to the back corner reflector. In that way we will be in a hub of highly concentrated frequencies. By inhaling this frequency we will tune and adjust our voice and our ears to this new frequency which is necessary for the communication with Cosmic People.’

solo perfromance, 30min;
with kind participation of the audience
hbf – häuser | bilder | fenster
Parkhaus Bahnhofstraße, Münster D, 2014