Reactivating Idiotic Methodology / 2nd reading

In the second reading of the mandala, Dieuwke Boersma & Vanja Smiljanić re-interpret the trajectory between the gates with new materialist philosophies that put forward that sad passions decrease our power to act and joy increases it. The focus of this reading was therefore given to transfiguring sad passions into happy hardcore feelings and understanding how times are not happening to us but with us. This resulted in a tutorial in which the audience was introduced to new techniques of relearning to walk again and styles of putting your foot down to resist the ways we understand our Aquarian times. Last, happy hardcore moves were introduced and performed collectively as to call for and create our Aquarian times anew and to become an idiot as a virtuous figure for a political change.
The focus of this reading is given to the transformation of vicious circle into a virtuous one, by transfiguring the sad passions into happy hardcore feelings.
In a metaphorical and material way they give a tutorial how to learn to walk again, as they believe that resisting is not just walking in demonstrations, but it also a demonstration of the ways in which we put our foot down.





Reactivating Idiotic Methodology in 5 steps (2nd reading)
Dieuwke Boersma & Vanja Smiljanić
Performance, 25min
Videonale.16, Farbrik 45, Bonn, 2017
(photos: Almut Erkhardt)