New continent of thought, are you receiving me?

‘Communiqué –
Vanja Smiljanic, Minister of the Cosmic People representing planet earth in sidereal affairs, was hereby invited to share her experience in universal politics with us. Performing an intergalactic communication ritual which revises her link to Cosmic People’s final destination and aims, Minister Vanja Smiljanic will guide us through the parallel universes of cosmic politics, questioning the expansion of self-alienation and the rise of cyber religions.
For this matter she has reconstructed a famous device for interstellar communication – the corner reflector – an instrument that reflects cosmic rays and detects tectonic shifts, informing the earth of extra-terrestrial communication. Mastering the dimension of material shapeshifting, through soul-bending and energetic conduction, Vanja Smiljanic, will utilise her reflectoras a technological medium for intergalactic communication in order to establish contact once again with the Grand Cosmic Squadron of Ashtar Sheran, commander of Cosmic People.
(Margarida Mendes)

Main focus in the performance New continent of thought, are you receiving me? is an online archive of a New Religious Movement called Cosmic People. This archive informs Web travelers about practices for a religious pursuit related to this movement, and it’s also used as a tool which shapes Cosmic People’s identity.
In the perfromance online archive is read as their virtual temple, and in form of a tutorial it’s demonstrated a cyber-pilgrimage through it.
Calling upon the relation between ritual and performance, three stages of the cyber-pilgrimage were named after architectonical division of the classical theatre (Antechmber; Chamber; Exterior). Analysing the position of spectator inside of the each structure, three choreographies were developed, and each of them shows a part of the trajectory of the cyber pilgrimage.
Following the process of the cyber-pilgrimage, the rigid structure of the archive and  the position of the practitioners as simply passive recipients of information in it, is being questioned. In order to became actively involved in a dialectic process, cyber-pilgrims are organising a revolution against the archive, and planing to hack the web page of Cosmic People and transforming it into an open source.



(excerpt from the script)
‘In January 2013,
I’ve officially became  a minister of Cosmic People
for countries of Former Yugoslavia
which covers Srbija, Hrvatska, Slovenija, Bosna i Herzegovina, Crna Gora and Makedonija;
for Portugal, Portuguese islands: Açores and Ilha da Madeira,
and former Portuguese colonies which includes Moçambique, Angola, São Tomé e Princípe, Giné-Bissau, Cabo Verde, and Brasil.’


vanja_smiljanic_new talents_cologne1


vanja_smiljanic_new talents_cologne3


vanja_smiljanic_new talents_cologne2


(excerpt from the script)
‘I will show an artistic dramatization
of how the cyber-pilgrimage looks like.
The path of the cyber-pilgrimage observed from outside would look like this.
It would look like a nebula.
But if we would cut it with an MRI scan,
-one could recognise a certain structure.’


overall_with number

(excerpt from the script)
‘So if we take a lineally progressive time-line as a line of reference,
and abstract one layer,
this is what it is going to look like.
This here is the trajectory map.
There are three stages of the cyber-pilgrimage,
and the trajectory is divided into three parts.
The first part is performed in the space which I call Antechamber (number 1);
it continues into Chamber, which is where the Archive is situated (number 2);
and both of them have a connection to the Exterior (number 3).
In each of the three stages there is a codex of behaviour,
or a regulation of performative expression,
and a pilgrim should act according to them.’



vanja_smiljanic_new talents_cologne3a


vanja_smiljanic_new talents_cologne4


Chamber with 4 virtual towers:

vanja_smiljanic_new talents_cologne6
vanja_smiljanic_new talents_cologne8a
vanja_smiljanic_new talents_cologne5
vanja_smiljanic_new talents_cologne8b


vanja_smiljanic_new talents_cologne9


vanja_smiljanic_new talents_cologne9a









(excerpt from the script)
‘I’m planning to hack the web page and make the website into an open source.
I’m going to drill a hole in the archive
in a space constructed out of documents
from category number 3: ‘Another book About Cosmic People’,
and number 7: ‘Other books’.
The words ‘Another’ and ‘Other’ tell me that these documents don’t have a direct connection with Cosmic People,
that they’ve been decontextulised.
And I believe that this underrated group of documents
can be a starting point
of a rebellion.’


vanja_smiljanic_new talents_cologne10





solo perfromance, 40min;
with participation of: Lili Rampe, Marje Hirvonen, Esta Marković, Maja Kalafatić
New Talents Bienale Cologne
Kunststation Sankt Peter, Cologne D, 2014



Corner Reflector 500, 2014
aluminium, wood, lava, hand prosthesis, wheels
430 x 250 x 195 cm