Have You Lived Before?

Arising from El Cajon (USA), a beam of light lands in Cologne (DE)!

Yes. Unarius Academy of Science and Vanja Smiljanić are cordially inviting you to be on the other end of the Internet streaming path and get an insight into how Past Life Therapy  can enhance your creative potential.
On Saturday, July 29 join us for a 35min live broadcast voyage. We will introduce you to the methodology of Past Life Therapy and share creative techniques to enlighten your spirit and expand your mind.
Enhance your creative and psychic abilities through your participation
in this inspirational live broadcast.
Discover where inspiration truly comes from and how to overcome mental blocks to unleash your creative capacity. 


            Understanding of
was founded in El Cajon, California in 1954 by Ernest and Ruth Norman.
Since 1975, the Unarius Academy of Science has been involved in the process of Psychodrama, an exercise in which students enact scenes of their past lives to understand themselves in this and many other worlds, thus discharging the negations and inhibition of those past lives.
In March 2017, I, Vanja Smiljanić, have joined the Unarius student group on a journey to discover our past lives. By embracing past life therapy and accepting a cyclicality of time, we reveal shapeshifting abilities and impede the manifestation of the fixed identity  through perpetual changing and redefining of the concept the self. By taking responsibility for our previous and future shapes we are trying to contribute to the shaping and changing of our surrounding.
looking forward to feel your presence in www