The Anthem of the New Earth/ Remastered

The Anthem of New Earth/ Remastered, is placed in a state of suspension between a previous involvement with Cosmic People and the ambition to realise a group perfromance during the Total Eclipse of the Sun in 2017.
Triggered by The Anthem of the New Earth, a paradox in Cosmic People’s philosophy, which reveales that within the pursuit towards trans-individuation, which is a main structural pillar in their ideological construction, Cosmic People pledge for a use of totalitarian and patriotic tools like an anthem. But as it’s The Anthem of the NEW Earth, this document is being approached as an opening of an abstract space full of potential.
By going into meticulous details of why, where, what will happen during and after the Total eclipse of the Sun in 2017, the audience is invited to imagine this NEW Earth and speculate on its socio-political structure.

P1210652.MOV.Still001(excerpt from the script)
At the moment, I identify myself more with the role of Senior Architect of the archive, as I’m transforming the documents of the archive.
Therefore I no longer see myself as a lubrificator their ideological mechanism, but also by working with the documents of the archive, I’m creating new extensions to their religious body.
So for example, within the Shadowland of 2017, I want to activate for the second time an audio file from the archive of the cosmic people which is called the Anthem of the new earth.
(excerpt from the script)
This Anthem has been calling for me for quite some time now.
In a certain way I´m very drawn to it, but at the same time also distrustful, as the concept of an Anthem, is problematic for me, for it signifies the identification with a patriotic apparatus.
But as it is the Anthem of the NEW earth, a space which is abstract for me, I’ve found it fascinating to do an exercise of constructing the image and rules of this NEW Earth by analysing the melody of the song, the original composer, the way how it was performed, etcetera. from the script)
The first video shows is a documentation of a choir of 15 000 people, performing the song called Ligo, which translated from Latvian means “to be affected”. from the script)
The second video they sent me is the video clip for the song “The circle of life” by Elton John, performed by Leo Rojas which I will play now.

Sequence 04.Still012

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 19.41.13(excerpt from the script)
For the new performative version, I will be using movement tracking software called Max/MSP, and imitate the maestro´s body movement. Like that I will be able to modulate sound frequencies of this superposed music track.


Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 19.40.47(excerpt from the script)
For this event, for symbolical reasons, I will need a choir of 32 people.
This is going to be:
hauptstimme, principal part or voice,
nebenstimme, secondary voice
x = ghost or wind voices; x’ = pan pipe band; p =  piano
This is my position, I’m going to assume the role of a conductor, in this case more precisely a sound editor, who will do a live modulation of the sound that the performers will produce during the total eclipse of the sun.

P1180717.MOV.Still002(excerpt from the script)There is a huge community of Amateur radio astronomers in US, which I’m starting to establish contact with, who are using the Moon as a bouncing surface for communication with each other. from the script)
The special feature of Acoustic mirror is that it amplifies every frequency which is traveling in its direction, so I believe that with further development, this instrument will be able to well capture the complex atmosphere of the Shadowland.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 23.49.43



Acoustic Mirror (prototype)
wood, iron, wheels,
210 x 170 x 85 cm,

The Acoustic Mirror is inspired by pre radar technology and has a crutial function in transmition of the frequency produced during the Eclipse.